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Vedic Courses

Our Mission & Objective

Main mission of “Institute of Gemology and Holistic Sciences” is to revive the Occult Sciences in its true spirit by imparting its correct knowledge to all strata of society in India and abroad so that it could act as a guiding force to the common people. The main objectives of the Association are as under:

  • Study and Research of Occult Sciences like Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Palmistry, Tarot etc.

  • To conduct and organize Seminars and Workshops to enrich this age old Science and provide its benefit to the people.

  • Work to find new phenomena which could suit to the present time.

  • To work for the unity of Astrologers, Palmists, Numerologists, Vaastu specialists and practitioners of any occult science and to create a common platform for them.

  • To unite other societies, registered or unregistered, national or international working for same cause on a single platform and to strengthen mutual relations.

  • To promote education in the field of astrology and allied subjects and set a level of competence nationally and internationally.

  • To run, manage, supervise and organize education & training centres, teaching courses for astrology and other occult sciences.



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2229 Hardhyan Singh Marg
New Delhi, 110005


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