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Aura & Chakra Healing 

May also include attainments, past life, cord-cutting, and/or energy adjustments etc. depending upon what your Spirit team wants to include!

This is for you if you want:

  • To clear blockages in your chakras 

  • Lift your vibration and feel great all over

  • Want insight on something from your specific, see options below

  • Knowledge on what crystals are best for you 

Physical: Colds and flu, allergies, heart conditions, back problems, arthritis, infertility, fatigue, sleep disorders,

diabetes, detoxification


Emotions: Depression, apathy, abandonment, anxiety, guilt, worry, confusion, anger, victim mentality, perfectionism

Spiritual: Aura balancing, removing attachments, breaking ties, soul loss, acceptance, protection, angel attainments

Agnihotra: Welcome


Get in touch today to find out more about our admissions, faculty, educational opportunities and more.

2229 Hardhyan Singh Marg
New Delhi, 110005


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