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हमारी सेवाएं

Did you know just changing your name or doing very small remedies can have a great impact on your life. Doing things in a different way make a lot of difference and we give you Consultancy from Export astrologers numerologists holistic science teachers and other faculty who are trained in vedic sciences,  Your future your career, your relationships, your health, wealth, fortune and success.

We have experts who are working for the last more than 20 years in the fields of Numerology, Astrology, Pamistry, Vastu, Tarot Cards, Aura Healers, Face Readers, Holistic Alternate Medicine therapies.

Vastu for apartment floors, houses, officers, factories and show rooms. Also for commercial places like hotels shopping complex builders sites and for purchase of new places we have experts who is it physically and then give you the right directions according to Vastu. We do Vastu without any breakage or damage to your existing property and give you solutions which are just to be placed like yantras crystals and other remedies of Feng Shiu.

Numerology is a science of numbers. We use numbers to predict the future and accordingly give remedies to enhance and suppress the numbers which favour you. It is very useful for people who do not have date of birth corrected or do not have a time of birth. We use all techniques of numerology of different sciences to come out with results which will be everlasting for you and bring positive change in your life. We have numerologists who have been in practice from the last 40+ years and we have also got numerologist who are author of more than 45 books.

Astrology is the science of planets which in this course according to the time that goes by. In Astrology planets play a big role in how our lives shape up. It all depends where the plants are sitting and which all planets are friendly thus giving us results with impact our lives drastically.. It is a very deep study which requires a lot of practice and determination to learn. Get your results turn into success faster with guidance from our expert astrologers.

Tarrot cards are a rage these days. A lot of people are learning to look at but the determination it needs to get accurate results is hard to achieve. Take consultation from our expert tarrot card readers who can foresee what future lies ahead for you and give you suggestions to make them into powerful successful coming years in your life.

Our hands have all the secrets of our body mind and soul. With palmistry we can unlock these and tell you what they hold and how we can do better and change the things in your life. Experts will just look at your palms and guide you to the rest of the process to a better and secure future. Consultant our palm readers now.

Did you know we have Aura around us, We can activate our chakras and increase the Aura just by doing a few simple things and make our life very healthy and attract all positivity into it. It takes a lot of practice to judge how the lights relate to you and what you are missing. We check your aura and give you suggestions how are you can strengthen it and make full use of your aura to attract other people around you. Consult with our specialists who can scan your aura and balance your chakras.

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