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Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is a magical book and its study requires all seriousness to understand its philosophy, logic, and remedies. This book is of great help to human beings. It should be studied time and again in a peaceful environment. The astrologers who are the scholars of traditional astrology, they should study Lal Kitab leaving their astrological knowledge aside because they may get confused because its theories are somewhat different. Since ancient times, three types of remedies are prevalent. These are Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra. Mantras have enormous power and if they are used properly in a particular direction they give wonderful result.

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  • Lalkitab is one the popular branches of occult's studies basically  Lalkitab is the collection of five books written between period of 1939 to 1952 originally it was writing Urdu.

  • It is said that these five book worth written Pandit Roop chand joshi.


  • Lalkitab is very famous for its easy remedies for warding off the evil effects of planets and emolument are life state of the human begins. 

Paper-I (200 Marks)

  • Introduction (with reference to Traditional Astrology &LalKitab), Definitions of Specific Terms, House & Significations, Relationship of planets & Signs, Planets in Different Houses, Result of Two Planets in a House

Paper II (200 Marks)

  • Result of Three Planets in a House, Result of Four Planets      in a House, Result of Five Planets in a House (Panchayat), Relationship of Planets with Signs Houses, LalKitab& nine Planets, Remedies of LalKitab

Paper III (100 Marks)

  • Dissertation: Application of LalKitab principles in 10 known horoscopes and remedies prescribed according to the chart and varshaphal. (50 Marks)

  • Viva-Voce (50 Marks)

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