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Ease your life by following lal Kitab.

Know from our principal Dr Manoj Kumar Maanasvi, the author of 45 books and who has devoted his time and energy to the study and research of astrology, numerology, palmistry and Vastu feng shui. He has also devoted himself fully to the Satvik tantra sadhana with the aim to serve humanity and work for the welfare of the world.

A red color book is written on the Hindu astrology and palmistry. A book which states about the analysis of the horoscopes and quick remedies. It is a famous book in India as well as in Pakistan. Lal can also be said to be a guide book which provides quick remedial methods for certain problems faced by us humans.

Lal Kitab predicts everything on the basis of planetary positions. A person's fate can be changed by identifying the planet position at the time of birth and by following certain remedies it can be corrected. It is an ancient book which connects between the universe and human life.

Problems can arise in any shape in education, marriage, health, money, personality. So improving our living Lal Kitab helps one to stay away from these problems.

Every planet has a certain effect or affects on us living beings. The positions of the planets during our birth plays an important role, which signifies our lifestyle and growth. Some of the planetary positions might be a key to leading a good life whereas some can be the reasons for unsatisfied life. This can be corrected by the help of this ancient book.

The mantras of Lal Kitab have tremendous power if applied correctly it will give fruitful results. It can also enhance the Goodluck to get a desired job or employment. A lot of remedies are given according to the horoscope for solving wealth related problems. Lal Kitab consists of many remedies which were performed during the ancient time. It is also known as a part of Vedic astrology. The remedies do not have any side effects. Lal Kitab helps a person from stress and trouble. The Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab are one of the most popular and most prominent in modern days. It links palmistry and face reading to astrology.

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